I have to have it, look at that box!

I am a big believer that we all have deep, dark nerd side. Mine happens to be marketing. I just love everything about it, I like coming up with cheesy ideas, and I like being a victim of it!

My favorite, and where I am the easiest target is in the liquor store. I don’t know why, but I am a dream customer. Give a bottle a quirky name, or unique packaging and I am in! An extra $10 bucks, I don’t care it is always worth it! However, from all of my victim moments, I have found the more the beverage is “decorated”, the crappier it tastes. For instance, Girls Night In A Box = a FLOP!! I got a kick out of reading the fun ideas on the hot pink box BUT once you tried enjoying the wine that was in the box, you realized why they had to spend so much on packaging!

But it’s ok I enjoy my nerdy findings, so I am going to continue making the purchases, even with the risks involved. Whats the worst that can happen…I have to hold my nose as I enjoy a nightcap? No sweat!

But what initially led me to this discussion was my excitement to try the Arbor Mist slushy that i have hardening in my freezer…. A wine water ice, how could that be bad?? Stay tuned!


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