why I LOVE squeez’Ems

Are applesauce squeezies a staple in your house? They are in mine! And thanks to the reusable BooginHead squeez’Ems I can feel safe sending them to school with Jo. BUT before I show you how simple it is to make your own applesauce pouch. Let me tell you why I think it’s so important!

Why resuesable Applesauces are the way to go! (and WIN one!)

Has your kid ever opened a bad applesauce pouch?

I bet your shaking your head yes. Unfortunately every mom that I talk to has. The portable applesauce’s are mass produced somewhere miles away, then they arrive at the store to sit on shelves for who knows how long & then you buy them and they sit again in your cupboard. That’s a long process! But what makes it a bit to long of a process is due to the fact that there are no preservatives. I know typically when we see these words, we all cheer and buy as many as we can fit in the cart. But for pre-made portable pouches it really just leaves every batch questionable. And since you can’t see the applesauce in it’s warm, dark container you have no idea if  the one your kid is about to eat is safe.

SO the way I see it you have 3 options: a) stop giving them to your kids b) start tasting every one before handing it to them. c) Make your own in a reusable package!

Which is why I seriously squealed with glee when I found these packages! They are cute, solve the problem, and are so simple to use! Plus I can fill them with whatever I want (smoothies, yogurt, veggie purees) And since they are reusable you can save some money since you aren’t having to buy the overpriced 4 packs at the store!

Here let me show you how simple they are to fill: 

Don’t want to watch the video? No problem, here’s what you do:

  • Unscrew the cap
  • Pour in your applesauce (or fruit smoothie, yogurt..etc.)
  • Twist cap back on
  • Hand to your kid or throw in your bag for an easy portable snack!

Can you say SIMPLE?! And wait, I’m not done! In the BooginHeads package that I received they sent me a few other items that you NEED to see! BooginHead necessities review & GIVEAWAY at From Wine to Whine

Pack’Ems which are reusable snack pouches. SippiGrip which keeps your little ones cup close by at all times. PaciGrip to keep your kids paci safe and available 🙂

But now for the fun part!! BooginHead want you to test out these awesome products for yourself! So they’ve agreed to send one lucky reader a package of goodies just like mine!! (squeal!) Entering is easy just use to widget below.. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please note I was given free product to review, however all opinions are my own and I genuinely love these BooginHead products!

14 thoughts on “why I LOVE squeez’Ems

  1. I’d love to try the Squeez’Ems ! My son has food allergies so I’d love to send him to school with safe (for him) foods like applesauce!

  2. Thanks for posting! I had noooo idea they made re-usable pouches! But I do love the sippy-grips! They are a life-saver!!!

  3. Definitely need to try the pouches – we haven’t had a bad one from the store yet but
    i definitely don’t want to test it!

  4. Wow! I know the contest is over, but this looks like a great product. We love making our own applesauce, and what a handy way to transport it for snacks. Thanks!

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