what motherhood has taught me


With all the Mother’s Day hoopla, it got me thinking about how lucky I am, my life and family are amazing! And although motherhood may not always be peaches and cream, when it is.. it’s worth every bad moment! Growing up it seemed like no matter the topic my Mom would always work in  “you’ll understand one day” and it turns out she was right.  Here is a random, compilation of what I’ve learned in the last 21 1/2 months of someone calling me Mom:

  • Sleeping in is considered anything after 6:30AM
  • Wishes and dreams no longer hold a heavy reward for me but for her.
  • The world doesn’t revolve around me and my schedule..in reality my day doesn’t even revolve around me and my schedule.
  • My heart actually aches with the amount of love, hope and fear that I now hold within it  – It’s the greatest yet  scariest feeling I’ve ever experienced.
  • I no longer judge tantrum throwing kids at the food store, there  is no amount of love, discipline or bribery that can stop those moments.
  • Motherhood is full of personal decisions…so try and keep your mouth shut when it doesn’t affect you (or your family).
  • I think of myself to be clumsy but I have ninja like reflexes whenever a nasty kid fall is about to happen.
  • A bottle of wine can actually last more than one night.
  • At one point during each day I think about how I love this part of my  life, and how there’s no possible way that it can get any better than this…and you know what? (Thankfully) it keeps getting better! Guess that’s the power of being a Mom.. you really do love them more and more each day.. even though that thought alone seems impossible.

I hope all of you ladies enjoyed your Mother’s Day.. I know I did! I slept in, had mimosa’s & brunch, some family time, Chipotle, and Margaritas.. oh and did I mention that my husband bought me a Silhouette Cameo?! (AHHH I KNOW!! Aren’t you excited? And isn’t he so intuitive? It’s almost like I took his credit card and bought it myself…but obviously I didn’t do that, I mean what kind of Mother buys her own gift ;))

xo, Dee

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