Want a high? Track your coupon savings…

As you know I’ve been couponing for a few months and I felt like I was saving a boatload BUT I had my concerns..I mean sometimes I go to the drugstore  2 times in 1 week! AND I’ve bought more makeup in the past 2 months then the last 2 years so how could I not be skeptical?

So I did what any  (crazy) over-thinker would do and made a spreadsheet! (so I could over analyze it… obviously).

And I found that in the past 2 months I have:

BOUGHT – $ 697.14 worth of product’s

SPENT – $79.98 Out Of Pocket (oop)

SAVING ME – $617.16

(that’s  86.5% SAVINGS!!! )

Pretty Insane right? Needless to say I was pretty excited!

This is what happens when an ex-wannabe CEO becomes a sahm.. you start making a spreadsheet of your savings… at least I didn’t make a pivot table.

And in case you are an over-analyzing couponer  like me here is the spreadsheet that I used Monthly Saving CompTweak it, change, it add more columns.. do what you please.

xo, Dee

P.S. I didn’t originate this spreadsheet I just changed it to meet my needs, and I am SO SORRY! I can’t remember who I downloaded it from!! (I am hanging my head in shame). So if this is “your” spreadsheet please let me know, I would love to give you proper credit!!

3 thoughts on “Want a high? Track your coupon savings…

    1. Crazy right!! Since I “coupon” CVS, I get a lot of extra bucks back (that’s really the goal..just keep rolling extra bucks). So when there is a sale, I usually can buy multiple small packs at 9.99, then use the manufacture coupon, then a store coupon if I have one, and then I use my extra bucks. Which brings it down so low. Does that make sense?

      But even without “couponing” to the extreme. If you look for a sale, then pair it with the manufacture coupon (and the store if they have one!) you should usually be able to get the small packs down to around $5.

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