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For this months Silhouette Challenge myself and 15 bloggers headed outside. Well technically, I headed outside and a few towns over to my Moms. But it was well worth the trip, you see her mailbox needed a makeover!

So it all started when my Mom was looking for a new mailbox and she wanted something “jazzy” but couldn’t find anything that she liked or within a reasonable budget. So she ordered a plain white one and called it a day. That is until her favorite daughter added some vinyl!

For this project you need:

  • a plain mailbox
  • ruler
  • Oracle 561 (I always get mine from Expressions Vinyl) I used: Maroon, Dark Green and Metallic Gold
  • Transfer Tape (also from Expressions Vinyl)
  • credit card
  • weeding hook
  • Silhouette Machine

You will want to:

  • Measure your mailbox.
  • Open your Silhouette software, and design your image.
  • Now lets prep for cutting! If you are working with multiple colors you will want to click on the scissor icon and check your cut lines. I like to remove all so that I can start with a clean page, then I select just one color to start with.
  • Load your vinyl into the machine. Since I did not use a cutting mat when I loaded the vinyl I used the icon that said Load Media, and then I deselected it in the Silhouette program.
  • Now in the cutting section I chose vinyl, lowered the speed to 0. Then click cut!
  • Repeat those steps with your other colors.
  • Once everything is cut it’s time to weed to your items and apply the Transfer Tape.


  • Since we are working with multiple colors you need to layer your vinyl on the transfer tape. I started with the green, then the red and then the gold. The trick to layering images is to add a guide so that you can line up the images easier. You will see by my photo below that I added a rectangle to the bottom of the images, so when you layer the images just make sure the rectangle is fully covered by the new color and everything will line up perfectly!


  • Once you have everything on the transfer tape you are ready to apply it to your mailbox! If your mailbox has been outside already I’d give it a quick cleaning to make sure everything is smooth. Once dry apply your image and burnish it with your credit card. Then carefully peel the transfer tape!


  • Take a step back and admire your handy work. You are done!

update your mailbox

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7 thoughts on “Update Your Mailbox

  1. Dee,
    You have given me a solution to our rusty mailbox with two holes. I can not thank you enough. Now my mailbox
    will have a have a chance to show off the front of our house too. I also appreciate the tip of using a reference rectangle to align your design.
    Happy Creating.
    Karen Marie

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