Under the Sea Party Favor Sand Buckets

Under the Sea Party Favors! Personalized Buckets @ From Wine to Whine

If you’ve been following me on fb / instagram you already know that my (almost) 3 year old requested a Little Mermaid / Under the Sea birthday party this year. Which means every little  guppy that swims away from her party will have some new toys to take to the beach!

By glancing at the buckets it may seem like I went a bit crazy for kids party favors…But I swear I totally didn’t! Staying under budget was a breeze since I found my goodies at Oriental Trading. If you’ve never been to the site they sell items in small bulk which definitely helps the pocketbook! Plus it saves time/aggravation from driving store to store. Then add in a little DIY and I ended up with pretty little thank you gifts!

Each bucket includes tissue paper, fish glasses, sea animals that grow, bubbles and a sand toy! And since I have a Silhouette machine I choose to use that to personalize my sand buckets. Do you have one? If so let’s talk about how to QUICKLY  personalize an item:

  1. I designed the names with a basic font in Silhouette DE, and cut them all at once, in one color. (this saved a lot of time, and money since it cut back on waste)
  2. Next I found a few beach-like images, traced them in the DE software and cut in a few different colors to give some variety.
  3. Then I weeded the designs.
  4. Transferred the design onto contact paper, and then applied my design!
  5. Lastly, I filled each bucket with tissue paper, fish glasses, sea animals that grow, bubbles and a sand toy!

In total it took me one night to complete, so pour yourself a glass of wine turn on the DVR and get crafting! Your guests are sure to love their parting gift!

xo, Dee

Oh and make sure you stop back later this week and early next! I’ll be talking about Magic Seashells & How to throw a BIG impact party on a LITTLE budget!

Please note that I was provided samples free of charge from Oriental Trading. But as always I’ve provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received for this review.

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