Top 5 Christmas Websites (that you’ll want to show the kids)


You know what makes Christmas different from 20 years ago?  The internet! Remember when you would write Santa a letter, drop it in the mailbox and maybe, just maybe you’d get a response back? Well now you can write him, call him, dance with his elves,  WATCH him, and GPS his sleigh! I mean sheesh.. that’s some serious Santa stalking! And although these things are totally awesome, it’s also one more thing that we as parents have to remember to do.

So to help make this already hectic holiday season a bit easier I’ve compiled a list of what you need to show the kids before Christmas arrives! (After all we know these awesome FREE things exist but remembering what they are called, and what hyperlink they are at is a totally different story.)

  • Let’s start with my favorite, the Portable North Pole. Have you seen this one?! It’s pretty amazing! You go in (without your kid) and create a personalized video for your little one from Santa Clause! You can add everything from your kids name, age, pictures, what he/she does all day, if they’ve been good or bad, what you’re working on..and so forth. Then Santa’s IT team, works some magic and emails you a personalized video from Santa himself!! If you haven’t tired it, stop being silly, you’re missing out on the fun! And go do this…. it’s cool (like really, really cool). The kids will love it!  (It even bought me an extra year with the teenager.. you know what I’m talking about that moment when they start asking way to many questions, and start doubting the man in red. Keep the spirit going a bit longer.. SEND THE VIDEO!)


  • Reindeer Cam – The reindeer cam is a bit low-budget compared to the Portable North Pole. But for the quick viewings the kids don’t seem to care.  I mean after all, reindeer’s are  hanging out in a stable with a LIVE feed! Oh, and at certain times of the day you can even see Santa checking in!


  • Elf Yourself or Jib Jab – I’m sure you’ve already seen the adorably funny dancing elf videos (after all they are all over facebook). And I know you probably want to be over the whole dance thing but it’s impossible to completely ignore it if you have kids at home. So go head over to one of these two sites,  and in less than 5 minutes you can have your family dancing the Charleston, some Hip Hop, or maybe even a little Gangnam Style (and if you are feeling extra crazy you could even twerk it…yup I said it. Go make grandma twerk, but maybe don’t show the kids that clip.. I mean do you really don’t want them showing the teacher how Grandma twerks?)


  • Norad Santa is the official Santa Tracker. So once Christmas Eve is in full swing head on over to NORAD Santa and track his journey!! Since we still have a few days til “takeoff” I recommend you go poke around his website a bit so you can see the serious HQ set up that they have going on over there. Plus your little one can listen to Santa’s favorite songs, play a few games, and even watch a few movies. 


  • Ok, I’m going to cheat a bit..I technically told you 5 websites already so my last bullet is about the old fashion snail mail thing. Did you know that the US Postal Service has a few ways for you to bring the Christmas spirit into your home and others? If you want your little one to get a response back from the big man you just need to follow a few simple steps, so go check them out at But the really REALLY cool thing that I found at the post office website, is that there’s a way for good “elves” to actually grant holiday wishes!! The US Postal sytem has a program called Letters to Santa. The tagline is “Delivering Holidays and Delivering Dreams.” Pretty much if someone wants to give back during the holiday season they can go in and “adopt a letter”. You would be given a letter (with no personal information) and then you would be able to grant the wish. Then you’d drop it back off to the post office and they would get it to the kids house. It’s pretty interesting, so go link over and check it out! 

If I left your favorite Christmas Website off the list send me a message so I can check it out!

xo, Dee

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