TIME – It is, what it is..

Do you miss me? I missed you! Let me explain the radio silence. It was all because on this one little thing called….


It’s just the simple – It’s been eventful, yet dull. Busy but fun. Lazy, but..wait who am I kidding, there’s no such thing as being lazy when you’re a Mom!
But I’m not going to stress about lost time, or even apologize for the lack of scheduled posts because you my friend totally understand. It’s like the voicemails that never get returned or the text messages that get sent a day too late. We are in the thick of this Motherhood thing, and that means we need to cut ourselves a break.

So today, let’s raise our reheated coffee cups and vow not to beat ourselves up about the things we didn’t get to do and instead pat ourselves on the back for all that we do, do!


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