Teaching your toddler colors with high-fives!

This came about because Jo and I were at her Well Visit waiting for the doctor in a room covered in hand prints  So to pass the time before the doctor arrived we were High-Fiving the Colors on the wall. We laughed, we reached, we banged the walls as we squealed the names of color with delight… which is when the light bulb went off.

What better way for a toddler to learn her colors then to play a game high-five(ing) them?! 

Of course the first thing I did when I got home was start planning what room I was going to plaster with hand prints,  after I decided to think rationally (luckily before I whipped out the paint cans) I came up with this:

1st paint your hand
First you need to paint your hand.
Then smoosh your hand onto a piece of paper, and label the color.
Cut it out.
(does anyone else have a Full House flash back when I say that?)
Now we are going to laminate the pages. (This is so those little toddler hands don’t ruin the fun before we start.) If you don’t have a lamination machine, a quick CHEAP fix is to use Contact Paper! Unroll enough to lay your hands across.
Fold the page carefully and cover the back. Now smooth it out, you want to try and make it as flat as possible. Then trim the bottom, so that it is completed sealed. (Now all three should be sealed together.)
Cut them, and tape to the wall! (You could also adhere magnets to the back so that they can be a fridge toy.)
Get your kids cleaned up because they had fun finger painting too!

Now that you are all set and ready to go, it’s time for you to know what to do! Our game goes like this, High Five Red…High Five Green..etc. Pretty complicated right? (kidding)

Let the High-Five Fun begin!

I know it seems pretty silly, but let’s face it what games do you play with your kid that isn’t? At least they will walk away from this game knowing a bit more than they did when they woke up! (that’s the goal right?)

Let me know what you think! And if your kid loves it as much as mine does!!

xo, Dee

P.S. If you paint your room full of hand prints I will be totally jealous, so make sure you send me a pic to BRAG about it!!

4 thoughts on “Teaching your toddler colors with high-fives!

  1. We are learning colors as well with my youngest. Love this idea. I am a hand print lover. We do all kinds of crafts with hand prints. Found you from Sunday Showcase. Pinned this. 🙂 (Momma’s Fun World)

    1. I am so glad you liked it!! I’ve actually been surprised at the lack of response, it’s been a HUGE hit in my house. But maybe, we’ve just been REALLY bored 🙂

  2. This is SUCH a cute idea! I definitely think I’m going to have to test this out with my little guy sometime! Plus, it’s another thing for me to use my new laminating machine on 😉 b/c that thing is seriously my new best friend!

    Thanks so much for the share! I love it 🙂 Definitely pinning for future use!

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