Stop Door Drafts

Hi friends!

Today I have a cheap and easy DIY to stop that pesky door draft!

We are going to put a pool noodle under your door to make a Draft Guard! After all, why would we buy one when you can make it for less than a dollar!

stop door drafts

All you need is a pool noodle and a knife. I mean, that’s crazy easy… right?!

Here’s what you are going to do:

  • Cut your pool noodle to the length of your leaky door (I just used a kitchen knife)
  • Now take your knife and slice your noodle horizontally. (I would suggest going 1/2 way and testing it on your door, you can always go deeper!)
  • You are done!

The only downfall is that it’s pretty ugly, I’ve been meaning to grab a white can of spray paint so that it blends into the door but I was too anxious to show you how you can keep the chill-out of your house.

The best part about using a pool noodle as a Door Gaurd is that it will fit any door thickness,  creating a nice tight seal. Which means if you are like me and live in a 120+ year old home you can custom make them for all of your ill-fitting doors! (Now I just need to find a window draft solution)

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xo, Dee

stop door drafts for good

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