stack your colors

teach your kid colors with toys from around the house! (From Wine to Whine)

I get bored quickly, and since Jo’s my little sidekick we are often playing with kid-like things. So fortunately (or unfortunately) for her, I’m constantly re-purposing the standard games we play and making them a smidge different and a bit educational (I am a Mom after all).

What you want to do is:

Grab a block in every color and lay it around your little one. Then as they pull the block from the wagon (or bag) say the color together and have them show you what pile the  color belongs in. Keep going until the bag is empty. Make sure you give lots of praise, clapping, and help if needed.. oh, and it probably helps to be a bit goofy. After all you want them to want to play with you right? 🙂

I liked this game personally. I was amazed at how she could accurately place the colors together. Looks like my little girl is growing up (tear)

Let me know how it works out for you! And if you have any creative ways to play with blocks make sure you share (comment or fb )

xo, Dee

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