St. Patty’s Day (for kids)

I was going to save this for next week when I had more St. Patty’s Day crafts/treats to show. But then it dawned on me… No one would have time to make them!! So below you will find Jo’s creation as well as a few Pinterest favorites!

Handprint rainbow and a pot of gold!
Hand print rainbow with a pot of gold! (make the gold 3D by crumbling pieces of tan construction paper into little balls, then glue to the page).
craft art AND a st pattys day hat...LOVE IT!
Isn’t this hat adorable?! And so simple, just take a paper plate, paint green and cut a shamrock out. I wish I could give credit to the person who made it, but the Pinterest link is bad. (If this is your kid and craft just give a shout I am happy to link!!)
St. Patty's Crafts for Kids
Shamrock Handprints! Cute and Simple. (from Thursday’s Kiss)

This next one isn’t a craft, but it is adorable and if you are looking to celebrate St. Patty’s Day then you need to grab your pen, because The Fickle Pickle got it right!!! Go link over to her, there is so much more then just this picture.

Of course, I could share a 1,000 more, but no need to duplicate my Pinterest page! Happy crafting!!

xo, Dee

P.S. if you have a lucky craft or treat, make sure you share it! We still have a week till the holiday and I am just getting in the mood to celebrate!!

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    1. that was ok right? I first just loaded the picture to your page and it was GINORMOUS! So I thought that option was better lol.

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