Sesame Place Tips and Tricks!

This weekend I had the opportunity to take Jo to Sesame Place, for some Halloween fun, and it was Spooktacular! 🙂 Between the rides, shows, and trick-or-treating it was definitely just what I needed to get me in the Halloween mood.

Tips for Sesame Place!

If your little one is anything like mine, you are probably worried on how they will cope with meeting their Sesame friends in person. (I was too.) And unfortunately even after talking positive thoughts,  and watching inane amounts of YouTube character meet and greets she still wasn’t keen with going over and giving any high-fives to her TV buddies. And although I was bummed that we wouldn’t get a cute picture, there was still SO MUCH that we could do! 

Sesame Place with a fearful toddler... and why you should still go!

So if like me you have a slightly timid 2 year old, here are all the reasons on why you SHOULD still CHECK OUT Sesame Place:

  • RIDES! Jo is a ride junkie, so rides are right up our alley. Between the teacups, flying fish, 2 sets of hot air balloons, carousel..etc. we definitely had our fill of spinning fun.
  • BOUNCE! Imagine a big, yellow bounce mat, were you can run and jump, and well bounce (obviously). This was Jo’s absolute favorite area. I had been concerned (you know me..the crazy helicopter Mom) but we had zero issues. They structure the lines so that you bounce with kids similar to your size (so little kids one line, big kids the other one). I found that taking her socks and shoes off worked best cause she got more traction…but either way tons of fun, we did this are a few times!
  • SHOWS! If your little one is obsessed with Elmo’s World then you are in can watch it live!! If your kid has a character aversion just  try taking a seat towards the back and give them some space. Maybe the familiarity of songs and characters will help them get passed some of that fear? If you are going to the show and you want a front row seat you want to get in line about 25 minutes BEFORE the show starts.. I recommend just taking an early lunch and eat while in line (that’s right.. 2 birds, one stone.. your welcome 🙂 ). They offer numerous shows throughout the day, so just make sure to grab a map/schedule when you walk in to confirm the times.
  • COOL OFF! Now, I can talk about the water rides, because well… I went in September. But I can say they looked cool and I am excited to go next summer!
  • HOLIDAY Specials! I’m not sure about you, but I LOVE Halloween. I mean how could wearing a costume be a bad thing? If you are going to to be attending the Halloween Spooktacular, listen to me and PUT YOUR KID IN A COSTUME. I dressed Jo in a semi-costume, and I felt like I should have gone all out. And if you are a super-duper Halloween fun family, I encourage you to embrace the family costume! I didn’t and I was kicking myself (even though I must admit, not sure how easily I could have gotten the hubs dressed up… it definitely would have been interesting.. he’s not as fun as I am 🙂 ) But we saw LOTS of families walking around in themes (my favorite was this one family who had Dad dressed as Woody, Mom as Jessie, and kid as Buzz.. they were so cute). But besides costumes for Halloween, you can also trick-or-treat in the different sections, go in the not-so-spooky maze, and if you are a member go on a hayride!

Now that I told you about all the fun I had, here are a few tips for when you decide to go:

  • Pack a lunch! Make sure you check the Sesame website for size maximums, I brought a small cooler and was totally fine.
  • If you watch the Sesame Parade supposedly the best seats are were the blue and black road meets.. I can’t vouch for that since the parade starts around 4 and we were gone before that. But it’s what I read and seemed useful to pass along.
  • As mentioned before if you want front row seats for a show GO EARLY. But if not don’t stress to much, just head over a little before the show starts. The line does look pretty long but it moved pretty quickly.
  • Bring your camera! There are plenty of places to get cute family pictures and of course if you do happen to spot one of your favorite characters you would want to snap a picture of the meet and greet!
  • Sesame offers character lunches/dinner. So check the website before you go, and schedule it. Can’t hurt to have it all taken care of ahead of time right?
  • Sesame also offers lots of character shows.. we are talking Imagination Movers (November), Choo Choo Soul (this past summer)…etc. I plan on keeping a better eye on their events calendar.. after all a concert and rides would totally be worth the hour drive.
  • When buying tickets, Sesame offers a lot of deals…so if you know you are going  keep an eye out ahead of time and you may be able to get more bang for your buck!
  • Need caffeine? They have a Starbucks inside! (this always brings a smile to my face when I am out-and-about, so I figured it may just make you smile too!)

And because I am a proud Mama.. here are a few pics from our fun-filled-family day!



And as always, if you know of any tips that I missed please share below!

xo, Dee


Please note that I did receive complimentary tickets to visit Sesame Place. But as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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