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Did you know that you can BORROW Maternity & Nursing Clothes?

Genius, right?! When I read about Bella Gravida I knew that I had to help spread the word about their website launch… everyone needed to learn about this service! Not to long ago when I was waiting for the baby to arrive I was looking for this EXACT service!  You see I had wanted to rent clothes for our newborn baby photo shoot. Smart, right? I mean you spend hundreds of dollars to get the baby’s photo taken you’d at least like to sneak in a cute one of you and your new bambino. But shopping for clothes to wear right after the baby arrives is seriously stressful! I mean how does one plan for that? You don’t know your exact size, or shape, and cute nursing items are hard to find in the store! Plus when you are only a few days post baby, maternity clothes are the most flattering items that you can wear. But who wants to buy a new outfit when you are so close to being out of them?! Research shows that 96% of pregnant (or recently pregnant) women found maternity clothing to be too expensive, low quality, or lacked variety…I bet we can all nod in agreement to that! We deserve to feel beautiful and stylish in our clothing.

So why buy? When YOU CAN RENT! For a flat monthly fee, Bella Gravida provides us with a revolving closet of thousands of designer maternity and nursing outfits with free shipping and unlimited exchanges!

It’s simply a monthly subscription service for maternity!!  I’m sure you’ve heard of monthly subscriptions before (since one glance on Facebook reveals a few unboxing photos a day).  But just in case you haven’t monthly subscription services  have become a mainstay in the beauty and fashion industry. Currently, rental services exist for everything from jewelry, purses and shoes, to designer dresses and business wear. However, there has not been a great monthly subscription rental service for maternity clothing. Until now!!

Bella Gravida’s services feature:

  • No return deadlines and unlimited exchanges
  •  An included laundry service—no need to do your own laundry!
  • Monthly pricing plans starting as low as $39!

my faovrite maternity looks for 2015

Pregnancy is hard! From lifestyle changes to body and self-image changes, it can be quite a challenging time in our lives. Among the challenges is the frustrating search for affordable and stylish maternity clothing that helps make us feel beautiful. Well, there’s a fix for that! Now my favorite outfits can be your favorite outfits! Bella Gravida, means Beautifully Pregnant in Italian, and it is revolutionizing the way women find and wear maternity clothes, by replacing the need to buy a frumpy wardrobe during our pregnancies! From everyday outfits or special occasions no need to find yourself hitting maternity store after maternity store (or crying in your car) you can easily shop online and have beautiful, designer items show up at your door! This brand new service offers styles in six categories, Classic, Modern Trendy, Romantic, Bohemian, Dramatic, and Southern Chic. So pretty much something for every occasion!

With dozens of designers, some of the largest maternity brands in the world, Bella Gravida allows women to experience affordable luxury in maternity clothing. In addition to styles seen by celebrities in fashion magazines, they will feature items from hard-to-find designers – even Kate Middleton’s maternity wear designer!

Well, what are you waiting for?! Go head over and check out the selection! Here’s their Facebook, Twitter & Website!

Oh, and make sure you tell your pregnant friends!!

xo, Dee

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