DIY Patriotic Red, White and Blue Wreath

Looking to decorate your front door with some red, white and blue this 4th of July? Look no further; I have a cute & easy straw wreath that you can quickly whip up!

DIY patriotic red white and blue wrreath

For this project, I was inspired by the airplanes that fly up and down the beach with the banner floating behind it. I thought it would be the perfect way to pay a little honor to the US while sprucing up my front door!

You just need a few things:
Straw Wreath (but other wreath forms would work!)
Washi Tape – I LOVE the red white and blue printed washi tape from Oriental Trading
Wooden Airplane
Navy Ribbon
Paint or HTV

I was able to grab all of my supplies (except the HTV) from Oriental Trading. And if you order within the next few days you can still receive guaranteed, standard shipping! But anyway, back to the craft.


Take your washi and cut it into long strips and wrap them around your wreath. My washi lifted a little, so I added the glue to the ends to make sure it stayed secure.


Next, you want to cut a long piece of ribbon, measure it against the opening of your wreath. I decided to cut some HTV to add “Proud To Be An American” to the ribbon. If you don’t have a cutting machine, no problem! You can write it on, just grab a paint marker.


Paint the airplane (or you can leave it wood)

Then adhere the ribbon and plane to the wreath. To do this I cut a long piece of wire, threaded it through the ribbon and wrapped it around the wreath, and then twisted off the ends. I did that three times at each point.

Then I wrapped the airplane base with wire and again wrapped it around the wreath form.


Hang it on your door and you are done.


Oh but before I forget since we are talking about the 4th of July and Oriental Trading. Don’t forget to add some glow sticks to your order! We also ordered some finger flashlights, and they are awesome!! They are going to make waiting for the fireworks so much fun.


Please note that I received complimentary products to complete this craft. But as I’ve mentioned before I love Oriental Trading which is why I continue to use them.

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