Rapunzel’s Cake Tower (a MYO Tangled Cake)

If you are having a Tangled Party I bet you’ve been dreaming up a Rapunzel Tower Cake! Well, google no more! My sister-in-law Kristy  has written up step by step instructions on how she went about making one for her little Princess.

Enjoy! xo, Dee



Hi, I’m Kristy and by no means am I a professional baker or cake decorator.  I just wanted to make something cute for my daughter’s birthday and fortunately I love being in the kitchen.

After googeling Rapunzel idea’s (for what seemed like hours) I finally decided on a design.  As you can see, I decided to try my hand at Rapunzel’s tower. Now, I watch enough TLC and Food Network shows to know that sculptures in the cake world are usually made out of krispie treats. But did you know that butter can make your treats go soft when molding? (me either! Thank goodness for google) So, in order to eliminate a problem I made the recipe off the Rice Krispie’s box with half the amount of butter. Then once cool, I started molding.

I made the tower in three separate sections: 

  1. the base
  2. the oval part
  3. the pointy roof. 

Once I was happy with the shapes, I used food color spray to dye the three pieces, and I used toothpicks to hold them in place.  In order to make the tower look more legit, I took a green food marker and made a vine going down the side of the base. 

To make Rapunzel’s hair, I bought premade fondant and rolled into a long rope. Then with the remaining fondant I used a flower cutter to make small decorations. (In order to ensure that everything would stay in place, I used store-bought cookie icing to act as a glue.)I was nervous that the weight of the tower and hair would make the cake crumble so I didn’t put the cake pieces together until right before party was set to start.

Ok, now that I told you how to do the hard stuff this is what I did:

The cake itself was four layers.  I cheated and used two boxes of cake mix to make the layers of the cake.  Once I had the batter ready to go I used purple food coloring to create the ombre effect on each layer (sorry, I forgot to take a picture).  I started by adding two drops of food coloring to the batter to make the lightest layer.  Once I was satisfied with the light purple I took the second pan and added the 2 drops I started with for the base and added a couple more until I could see a difference in the shades.  I typically added 2 more drops of food coloring to each pan then from the one previous.

I used the icing recipe that I used for the cupcakes sticking with the lessened amount of powdered sugar.  I used green gel icing color for the top of the cake and purple gel icing  between each layer of cake.  I used my spatula to create a grassy look by tapping the cake all over.  Once the cake was built and the icing was completed, I used the same fondant cutters to make the flower shapes.  I made small and medium-sized flowers out of purple, orange, and pink fondant.  The medium flowers were topped off with a small yellow ball right in the middle.  I used the same store-bought cookie icing to glue the little balls on.
It was time to put the most important pieces on the cake, Rapunzel’s tower and her hair.  I used some thicker wooden skewers and stuck them in the bottom of the tower.  Then, I carefully placed the tower on top of the cake.  The skewers worked wonderfully, the tower never fell!  Once I knew the tower was secure it was time to add the hair.  Again, I used the cooking icing as glue so that it held to the tower.  I gently draped the fondant down and around the cake, and viola!  It was complete and I was happy!  Again, I am not a professional but since this was my first time, I was extremely happy with the results.


(it’s Dee again) Not horribly difficult right? Now, I have to say Kristy is selling herself a bit short. I know she’s not a “professional” but she makes a mean dessert. So I really wasn’t surprised when the cake looked awesome and tasted good too. If you decide to give a Rapunzel Cake make sure you facebook it at From Wine to Whine, I know Kristy and I would love to see it!


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