Rainy Day Play: at the library!

It’s raining, your kid’s antsy, and you’ve already been to every kid place in the area…what’s a Mom to do?

Grab your keys, hop in the car and drive to your local library. I bet you’ll be surprised….quiet play really does exist!

Upon arrival, head to the kids section, plop yourself (and little one) on the floor next to the toddler books…and start reading!
By the time you are tired of talking, they will be tired of listening.. so go look around. You may find a few more fun things to do.

In total we were at the library for 45 minutes. But it was the perfect shake up to our day. You could even say it showed Jo a different way to play (quietly)!

Now, I realize this post wasn’t even close to being earth shattering. BUT, hopefully now you have a new Mommy & Me play-date to try!  After all, what’s the worse that can happen? So, your kid runs around like a maniac..then you quietly pick him/her up and leave.. it won’t be the first time (or the last)! 🙂

xo, Dee


One thought on “Rainy Day Play: at the library!

  1. Go libraries! For books to check out while you are visiting the library, print out the book reviews on my site – childrensbookbin.com . And thanks for the 4th of July craft ideas.

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