Put down the phone challenge!

What did we do with our time before technology?

If I spent as much time cooking and decorating as I do pinning recipes and ideas, I would be super women!

Not that i am by any means old, nor have i seen it all BUT I just don’t know how we managed surviving before iPhones, Facebook, and pinterest. I barely can recall the days before cellphones, let alone having to sit at your computer and wait for it to dial up. Remember IM? Or even worse then that, chat rooms…do they still exist? Or do we call them forums now? And what category do blogs fall under…digital diaries? The real purpose of this post was not to rant about the stone age it was to challenge myself and allow for my family to gain a little bit more of my full attention.

So i am challenging myself is to put put down the phone. Two, 30 minute spans a day. That shouldn’t be to hard right?

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