Princess Invitation with a FREE Cut File

Does your little one want to have a Princess Party? Look no further! I’m sharing my Sleeping Beauty inspired Princess Invitation with a FREE Cut File!

princess invitation with free download

Want to make your own?  You Will Need:


  • Download this FREE Cut File. BUT I have bad news, the Princess was from the Silhouette Store so I couldn’t give her to you. BUT you can buy her here for a dollar.
  • Open both files with your Silhouette software.
  • Assemble & Place the Princess into the open ornate frame and deselect all of your cut lines. I always like to start with a blank slate so that I don’t accidentally cut anything.
  • First we are going to sketch on the back of the card. So place your cardstock onto your mat and load it into the machine. Insert your black sketch pen, add the cut lines around the words, go to the cut page and select cardstock, sketch pens and then click cut.
  • Now WITHOUT REMOVING the mat switch your pen to a blade, go into the cut line screen and deselect your words and select the rectangle to cut. Now go cut it!
  • Unload your cardstock, and load your black vinyl.
  • When cutting vinyl you can cut it with or without a mat. Depending on which you do make sure you choose the right settings:  I did not use a mat so I used Load Media on the machine AND then I de-selected the Cutting Mat option on the cut screen. But before you cut, make sure you go clear your cut lines and select BOTH of your ornate frames, the Princess and her hand. Change your settings to vinyl and cut away!
  • Repeat the vinyl steps for the crown and the bird.
  • Weed your vinyl designs.
  • Apply your transfer tape.
  • And burnish it onto your paper.

You are done! Now make sure you are satisfied with your invitation and then go make a bunch more! I know this project sounds like a few to many steps but trust me it’s easy! So easy that my three year old was the one who weeded and applied it to the paper. So recruit your Princess to help and you’ll be all set! The invitation is 5×7 so it should fit into a store bought envelope… or of course you could make your own!

**Since you will need to add your child’s information to the invites: the font I used was Xiomara Also depending on how many invites you’d like you will need to add more invites to your page. Remember you can cut multiple at a time.. especially with the vinyl!

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11 thoughts on “Princess Invitation with a FREE Cut File

  1. Absolutely adorable! I’ll be pinning this for future reference!

  2. Love this! I really like the Princess silhouette and awesome it’s only $1! Also what you said is so cute… “So recruit your Princess to help and you’ll be all set!” … put that little princess to work! Great invites.

  3. This is too cute! I am going to have to locate that “sleeping beauty” cut file at the store. It would make a great embellishment for the signature book I am making both of my kids for our trip to Disney this fall!

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