pregnancy peace of mind with a panorama prenatal screen

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 I’m 5 months post pregnancy but I remember it like it was yesterday… the excitement, the wonder, the unknown. Being pregnant is exhilarating, yet totally terrifying! You have no idea who this little person is inside you.  Are the comfortable, are they healthy, is it a boy or a girl?!  To think that you made this little being, yet you no nothing about them.. no wonder pregnant women have so many sleepless nights!  But with a Panorama Prenatal Screening you can get answers earlier!

get peace of mind for your pregnancy with a non invasive panorama screen at 9 weeks!

At just 9 weeks pregnant, you can have a non-invasive and highly accurate DNA prenatal screening performed by a simple blood draw! The test looks for Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities, and can tell you your babies gender! Plus you can have peace of mind  knowing that the Panorama screenings have the lowest false positive rate of any prenatal screening test.  For more information visit the Panorama website for more information.

 Besides peace of mind can you imagine finding out the baby’s gender at 9 weeks?! That’s before the first trimester even ends! Imagine all of the planning that you can do. Plus when you make the big reveal you could even include the babies sex! With social media today, baby announcements are the perfect excuse to get lost on Pinterest for few hour. There are so many great ideas! Which makes me wonder…how did you make your baby news public?  With Baby #2 we told our extended family on Easter since I was just about 12 weeks so I made a shirt to do all the talking!


And I don’t know if you remember but I told all of you & my facebook friends with this future big sister collage

announcement -001

And as for baby #1, I can’t remember!  Is that bad?! Let’s blame it on my post-pregnancy lack of sleep shall we 😉 So since I can’t show you my clever way of announcing the pregnancy or gender revel how about I show you a few ideas that Panorama had.

Find out your babies sex as early as 9 weeks with a non invasive blood test from panorama prenatal screen! Find out your babies sex as early as 9 weeks with a non invasive blood test from panorama prenatal screen!

Cute right?! So if you or someone you know is pregnant have them look into the Panorama Prenatal Screenings, peace of mind goes a long way!

xo, Dee

have peace of mind by getting your prenatal screen done by panorama at 9 weeks


think outside the bump! Pregnancy ideas

2 thoughts on “pregnancy peace of mind with a panorama prenatal screen

  1. Our first child had Down syndrome and we didn’t find out until after she was born. While that would have made no difference in our pregnancy, it would have saved me the stress of so many unknowns while I was also trying to heal from a high risk pregnancy and adjust to being a first time mom! I could have done research and planned ahead if I had known, which is why we did a test for our 2nd daughter.
    I am so happy to live in an age where children with Down syndrome can marry, attend college, work a job and live a great life. My daughter is the joy of my life.

  2. Fun announcement ideas! I love the dog idea. I remember how we told our families about our first, but can’t remember for our second. That’s what happens to the 2nd child. I know, I was one. LOL!

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