Play, Think & Pretend with Animal Action

Mama May i Animal Action4

Looking for a new game to play with your little one? Here’s a fun one from Mama May I! This animal action toy will have your kiddo thinking and pretending in no time! The game comes with 25 wooden chips that are all stamped with a different Animal & Action to complete! Which means you can read it off to your toddler and have them act it out or play charades with your older one! Either way you will have them hopping like a bunny, or slithering like a snake in no time!

I plan on using these chips a lot once the baby arrives! Don’t you think they would make a great toy for an  older child while the baby is being fed? Just think your little one can swim around the room like a fish, while you feed the little one.. sounds like a practical FUN solution right!

And for those of you that like to make a point to purchase unique gifts from small businesses Mama May I toys are exactly that!  Mama May I was founded by a local Mom from Philadelphia, who makes sure that all of  her toys are simple and  educational, which would make great gifts this holiday season!

Want a set of your own? Act like a kangaroo and hop on over to the Mama May i site and look around! And if you decide to buy here’s a coupon code for $5 off of $30 for being a reader of From Wine to Whine. Just type FROMWINETOWHINE in the coupon box. But please note it expires at the end of November, so you have a month to get shopping!

xo, Dee

Please note that I did receive this product to review, but of course (as always) all opinions are my own and I do believe that this product makes a great gift!

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