on the go Breakfast Taco

Getting out of the house (on time) is HARD!!! From getting dressed, brushing  teeth, finding the missing shoe is a mission within itself! And then there’s breakfast.. that can be a fight within itself! So with school upon us I needed to get creative with healthy food, that  little hands can eat on the go. Enter the breakfast Taco it’s made up of a pancake, peanut butter and a banana!

make mornings easy with a breakfast taco

 It’s quick to make, easy to hold, and hearty! I’d say that’s a trifecta wouldn’t you?!

The ingredients are super simple, you need frozen pancakes, peanut butter and a banana! I purchased mine at the Save-A-Lot in Blackwood,  the prices were great!

So all you need to do, to make this delicious, on the go Breakfast Taco is:

  • microwave your pancake
  • smear some peanut butter
  • slice and lay your banana on the peanut butter
  • bend your pancake
  • hand it to your little one.. breakfast is served!

To help make filling the bellies in your house a bit easier Save-A-Lot has offered to give one of  my From Wine to Whine readers a gift card. (YAY!) Good Luck!

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grab breakfast to go, make a breakfast taco

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