OH SH!T!! Emergency Diaper Kit with FREE PRINTABLE

Hi Friends! Today’s post is extra special. Because not only do I have an easy gift full of wisdom for you to bestow on your BFF Mama To Be. But my blogging friends and I are throwing a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER for one of our blogging buddies, the sweet and talented Lauren Lanker  of The Thinking Closet! She and her husband, Mark, are expecting their first baby – a precious little girl – this June. And since Lauren has friends all over the globe we thought it would be extra special  to bring her Baby Shower online so that her bloggers and readers can join in on the baby to be fun!

Just like a normal baby shower we were all tasked with bringing something to contribute to the party. So grab a cupcake and stay for a while! It’s going to be a fun shower with lots of inspiration!

everything you need for  a baby shower!

1.ÊChai Latte Cupcakes with Cupcake Toppers by Two Purple Couches
2.ÊGuacamole Shrimp Bites from Katie’s Cucina

1.ÊCustomizable Baby Shower Invites by Tried & True
2.ÊBaby Nursery Art by One Artsy Mama
3.Ê“It’s a Girl!” Printable Bunting Banner by Just a Girl and Her Blog
4.ÊBaby Shower Decoration Ideas by Southern Couture

1.ÊOnesie Making Station by unOriginal Mom
2.ÊFree Printable Baby Shower Game – Alphabet Cards by Cutesy Crafts
3.ÊPrintable Baby Word Search by Simply Kelly Designs
4.ÊName That Rockin’ Lullaby Baby Shower Game + Free Printable by Where the Smiles Have Been

1.ÊEmergency Diaper Kit with Free Printable by From Wine to Whine
2.ÊDIY No-Sew Baby Headband by Practically Functional
3.ÊPersonalized Onesie Tutorial by Ginger Snap Crafts
4.ÊPersonalized Onesie Dress by Create & Babble
5.ÊCrochet Scalloped Earflap Hat and Flower by Repeat Crafter Me
6.ÊStarfish Nursery “Love You” in Etched Glass Frame by Whatcha Workin’ On?
7.ÊKnit Bow Baby Headband by It Happens in a Blink
8.ÊSuper Sweet Month by Month Baby Stickers by Tori Grant Designs
9.ÊFearfully and Wonderfully Made Onesie by Sew Woodsy

Cute party right?  But now to talk about my gift… because, I think I owe you an explanation.

OH SH!T! Emergency Diaper Kit - make this  gift for your next baby shower. The Mom to Be is sure to thank you!

So being that I am a senior Mom, I like to share my secrets of do’s and don’t with my Mama To Be Friends. And I always tell them to be prepared.. because well nothing makes you look and feel like a Hot Mess then forgetting to bring the essentials! I know this first hand because I am constantly forgeting to bring the essentials! So do as I say, and not as I do!

So to help Lauren out during this new uncharted territory,  I’ve made her an OH SH!T Diaper Bag Kit.  It comes with a cute little note that says…..

It’s not very cute, it’s not very fun, but it will save your butt a few dozen times. There are only two rules it’s simple you see. ..Keep your OH SH!T KIT in the car, and refill as need be.

Now if you have children at this point you are probably nodding your head. Like oh, man Dee yes you are totally right. That gift is genius! 😉 As the future, Mamas are giving me the evil side eye. And  I understand the glare… it’s a  plastic bag, full of stuff. After all, they make adorable, multi-functioning Diaper Bags to take care of this! I GET IT! BUT this kit is not meant to replace that beautiful bag. This kit is for the day that the beautiful bag gets left next to the door, while you are out and the baby has a blowout. This kit turns a terrible situation into a laughing matter, this kit will allow for the Mama to feel like she has her sh!t under control, she is unstoppable…. And she will think of you every time she opens that plastic bag to grab something.

You see the awesomeness of the kit yet? Here take a closer look at what’s inside! It’s filled with:

A couple of diapers, Pack of Wipes, Baby Bottle, Baby Lotion, Nursing Pads, Baby Outfit, Blanket which can double as a diaper pad, and nursing cover and pack it into a plastic bag. AND make your life easy, oh shit diaper bag checklist!

OH SH!T! Emergency Diaper Kit!  Want to make your own Baby Shower Gift? Come grab a Free Printable!

And of course, you can add other goodies that may be helpful for Mom! Granola Bar to keep her energy up, individual formula packs..etc. But at least now you have a good base and since the Checklist was created in word you can customize it to your liking! Or to take out the Oh SH!T, because you know me I don’t think I’ve ever cursed on here. It’s just not my thing but the words just summarize the kit so perfectly I had to include it.. so hopefully I didn’t offend anyone!

So here are a few photos to really drive the message home! Here is the Emergency Diaper Kit in action!

OH SH!T! Emergency Diaper Kit!  Want to make your own Baby Shower Gift? Come grab a Free Printable!
In the car! (Where it should stay!!)
OH SH!T! Emergency Diaper Kit!  Want to make your own Baby Shower Gift? Come grab a Free Printable!
out to lunch
OH SH!T! Emergency Diaper Kit!  Want to make your own Baby Shower Gift? Come grab a Free Printable!
at the park

With your Emergency Diaper Kit, it’s a sure thing that Mama to Be will always be prepared! So thank you to everyone who came to our party today! I hope you had fun! Leave a note below to tell our dear friend Lauren your favorite piece of Motherhood Advice! Afterall, it takes a village 🙂

Leave a note below to tell our dear friend Lauren your favorite piece of Motherhood Advice! Afterall, it takes a village 🙂

xo, Dee!

7 thoughts on “OH SH!T!! Emergency Diaper Kit with FREE PRINTABLE

  1. Oh My gosh this is genius! I might need to start making these for my friends to add to their baby shower gifts! Love this and I know this will save Lauren quite a few times as she learns this new thing called parenting!

  2. Dee! You are too funny. You know I love puns…and you can’t be any more practical than this…plus I’m a sucker for “survival kits” in general, so this gift idea is a true triple-threat in my book! And I can’t wait to assemble my own bags (not just for me, but for all the preggo mamas in my life right now). Truly, your experience and survival through many a diaper blow-out is a gift to us all! And I love your incredible sense of humor. Thank you SO much for being a part of this special day and for celebrating our little bundle of joy so very much. I’m just over the moon right now!

  3. This is hilarious! And I can only imagine how practical and helpful this would be to a new momma!

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