Must Have Mom Fashion Accessories

Feel like you’ve lost a bit of your style since having a baby? Don’t worry, we can get it back!

Here are two kid friendly Fashion Accessories that will keep you fashionable and functional!


Nursing Infinity Scarves

These Multi-Useful Beauties keep you warm, fashionable and covered when you want to feed the baby! Want to make your own? Check out this tutorial on Babble!


Teething Jewelry

Give your kid something to pull (& bite) on while you accessorize! These beautiful necklaces from Beabies are made from food grade silicone!! And the chain is sturdy but with a slight stretch so that it gives a bit when your kiddo gives it a good yank. (Don’t want any beads popping off!)  I just love that I can wear long necklaces again, it makes me feel a bit like my old self.


 Pretty cute right?


The two necklace/bracelet sets that I received from Beabies can be bought on Amazon Here & Here.

xo, Dee

I received product to review, however this is 100% my opinion. I tested both necklaces a few times before giving my opinion for I wanted to make sure it held up against the rough grips of a baby. I really love the quality of the beads and how nicely they lay!

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