Mommy’s Monsters a halloween craft

It’s still a bit hot in NJ but I am trying to attract the cooler weather by thinking all things Fall. And besides Pumpkin Coffee, my second favorite fall thing is HALLOWEEN! So the kids and I decided to have a little fun and get a little scary…well if you consider two, messy kids scary!

It’s no surprise that I love a good handprint craft, so today we decided to make Frankenstein Foot Prints.


You Need:

  • Green and Black Paint
  • a Permanent Marker
  • I used a wood board
  • And per my 5 year old a color changing pen :/

Take your kids foot, paint it green and their toes black. Now smoosh it onto the board.

Repeat with other child

Take black paint, let kid dip their finger into it, smoosh it onto the board, repeat until they are bored.

Let it dry.

Take your thin marker, and add a face to your monster, and legs to your spider.

Typically the project should be done.. but my 5 year old decided to add some purple cobwebs from her new fancy gel pen that changes colors. 🙁  So it may not be Pinterest perfect, but it’s ours.

And now, if paint on your childs feet isn’t scary enough for you. Check out my two real life Monsters in their spooky Halloween costumes from Oriental Trading!


Aren’t they pretty? Jolie’s even glows with a push of a button… how cool is that?! And the quality of both are really nice! But what I really like about shopping at Oriental Trading is that I can always find everything I need. So from costumes to decorations, to stocking up on craft supplies I can get everything in one quick online trip!

What are your kids being for Halloween?

xo, Dee


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