Mommy & Me Fingerprint Tree

Hey friends! So you know what fingerprint tree that you’ve been seeing all over Pinterest? Well I took that cute kid craft & made it into Fall Wall Art with just a few extra Mom Steps!

Mommy & Me Fingerprint Tree a fall kid craft

Let me show you how:
  1. Find a tree image that you like and print it on quality paper.
  2. Let your little one dip their fingers into the paint and decorate the bare branches of the tree.
  3. Now it’s your turn for some crafting fun! Secretly, grab a brown and green colored pencil and lightly go over the tree and the grass.. shade lightly. You want this to look like a sketch, plus if your shading skills are anything like mine then the lighter it is the better it will look!
  4. Now you could stop here.. but I wanted to make it a bit more personal, so I traced 4 birds with my Silhouette Software and wrote out a Thanksgiving(ish) quote.
  5. Then I cut, weeded and applied the design to my cardstock.
  6. Lastly, I framed it with a mat… yup a MAT! Sounds crazy, but that little detail right there is the cherry on top of the sundae.
  7. Go hang it in your hall for some kid-friendly seasonal decor.

mommy and me fingerprint tree a fall craft for kids!

It turned out pretty cute right? Now that you saw my fun (easy) craft go check out a few of my friends FALL things that I’ve linked below!

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Mommy & Me Fingerprint Tree a fall craft at From Wine to Whine

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  1. This is so neat! Thank you for linking up to Party Time and we hope to see you again next week!

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