Monogrammed Mason Vase

So today I have a fun post for you, well technically not just 1 but 6 FUN posts for you! You see, a few of my blogging buddies and I thought it would be fun to see who could fit as many trends as possible into one craft project! The goal was to make it look like it wasn’t to overdone. After all, no one wants to be looking like an fool. (get it? it’s April Fools Day..ok moving on) So we set up a little challenge to see who could be deemed the Trendy Queen of 2014. Which is where the fun kicks in.. we need you to vote for your favorite project!! And for doing so 1 lucky reader will receive a trendy prize  from each of us. But more on that below.

Trend Fest!!

So…you ready for your Trend Fest? Here’s my take on the Challenge!

Monogrammed Mason Vase - Trend Fest 2014!

Tell me, could I add anything else to this piece? Here’s what I did:


First, I cut my burlap and attached a strip of washi to it. (here’s a fun confession.. this in fact was my first time ever buying washi tape.. GASP, I know right! I’m not sure how I’ve ever avoided the famous crafting material, but it never seemed to find a way into my craft pile…ok, pick your jaw back up. We have more ground to cover.)


I hot glued my burlap, washi sash onto the Mason Jar.


I then took my paint and swirled it around the bowl to make an even coat.


 See the detail on my sponge roller? It’s a CHEVRON PRINT and it totally made painting a breeze! And since I love you guys, I’m going to tell you that I found them at Oriental Trading! (and the burlap too! The zany sponge rollers came in a pack with 2 other prints, but more on that another day.)


Since the white didn’t stand out as much as I hoped, I decided to kick it up a notch with a darker pink. So i just followed the lines and tried to keep my hand as steady as possible.

Monogrammed Mason Vase - Trend Fest 2014!

I added a chalkboard label with some twine.. because well let’s face it. What’s a Trend Fest without chalkboard?!

Monogrammed Mason Vase - Trend Fest 2014!

And tada… I ended with this! So that’s 7.. count em’ 7 TRENDS in 1 PROJECT! Now the fun part.. let’s see what my friends whipped up.. if I had to bet money I’d say it’s going to be good! Oh wait, silly me, we did make a bet! We want YOU TO VOTE on your favorite project! Winner gets bragging rights, and will be addressed as the Trendy Queen! So make sure you vote!! And as a little thank you for helping us settle this little bet, we will be randomly drawing a winner to receive a trendy pencil from all of us! So that’s 6 pencils! HA, how fun right?!

Here’s my pencil contribution:

washi pencil with a poof - Trend Fest 2014! want your own washi pencil poof don’t you!?

Ok, enough about that… now let’s get onto the good stuff…the Trend Fest Contenders!

I was provided the sample free of charge by Oriental Trading and I provided my honest opinion. No other type of compensation was received.

5 thoughts on “Monogrammed Mason Vase

  1. So pretty! And so trendy 😉 Great job with this, Deanna! It’s such a cute vase. And that chevron paint roller is so neat!!

  2. I love your vase! It’s so springy:) How cool is that chevron roller!!? I totally need one of those!
    I also really like that sweet poofy pencil!! Amazing:)

  3. This is adorable, Deanna! Since pink is my favorite color, of course I’m feeling fanatical over your color palette. And how cool is that chevron roller? I might be enticed to chevron an entire wall if I was wielding that tool! (Ha ha, just looked up and realized EVERYONE is commenting on the chevron roller. Yup. Call me cliche! But it’s sweeeeet.) Also, I would feel instantly happy writing with a pencil with a poof. Plain n’ simple.

    Awesome job! So glad we did this crazy challenge together.

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