Make your own Surprise Egg Videos!

Does your kid love Surprise Egg videos? Mine too! And I’d love to ask how you feel about them but let’s be serious… I already know that answer.


But if the kid is  happy, I’m happy! So why not blow their little mind by letting them make their OWN Egg Surprise videos.  It’s so easy, that there’s no reason not to let them!  Here’s what you need to do…

My favorite way to prep for Egg Surprise Videos is to order Pre-Filled eggs from Oriental Trading. They have TONS of choices! Everything from animals, dinosaurs, toys, jokes, candy, and even bubbles! Plus, the convenience of not having to look around the house looking for small toys and missing egg caps is a huge time (and sanity) saver!

Your second option is to make your own! All you need are Plastic Easter Eggs and small toys.

And then if you want to make this project last a little longer you can have them cover them in playdoh! Just take your filled eggs, lay the playdoh on the table and have them get to work!

Once you gather your eggs, hand them to your kid, grab your phone,  and click Video Record. Now sit back and watch them open the eggs like the video stars that they’ve come to love! For the final step, upload the videos to YouTube (I typically mark my on private), now quietly sneak away as they watch themselves on the computer!

So tell me, do your kids like Egg Surprise Videos? Have they ever asked to make their own?

And since my little one is obsessed with making videos, here’s one of ours!

 P.S. Did you notice the Bag that held the eggs? So cute right! You may have seen it on my IG page a few days ago. It’s a craft and an egg hunt bag! We only needed about 9 for Easter so I told her that we could make one in advance!

let your kids make their own egg surprise videos. It's easy!

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