make a Kids Apron with Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV)

Decorate a kids apron with heat transfer vinyl!

Taking a kid apron from drab to fab is easy!! 

I made Jo’s with Heat Transfer Vinyl (htv) and my Silhouette machine. But you could do it with a stencil and paint OR with the iron on’s from the craft store!

I used: Black, Red, and Yellow Heat Transfer Vinyl, my Silhouette Machine, an iron, a towel and a Princess Silhouette From the Silhouette Online Shop (Design #49266), and a cupcake design that I had.

First I un-grouped the Princess Design (Design #49266) , deleted the bird and replaced it with a cupcake image. Then I finished it off by adding a circle around the image. Then I picked a girly font, wrote the Cupcake Queen .. and even added a crown with my daughters name.

Next I color coded my images so I could easily identify what I was cutting. Then I flipped all of the images horizontally, to do so you want to click on the scissors icon which is at the  top of the screen. I find it easiest to DESELECT everything that I do NOT want to cut. Once you have your first batch selected to cut go to the cut screen and select Heat Transfer Vinyl, I like to slow the speed way down. Load your htv into your machine and cut. Then go back and deselect/select your next set of colors.

Decorate a kids apron with heat transfer vinyl!

After everything was cut I warmed my iron on the cotton setting, and started applying.

I started with the princess

Decorate a kids apron with heat transfer vinyl!

I then added the yellow bracelet/crown and then the red cupcake and words.

Decorate a kids apron with heat transfer vinyl!

Things to keep in mind when working with Heat Transfer Vinyl:

  • Press firmly in one spot and then lift and move to next do not move the iron back and forth.
  • Make sure you are on a flat surface that you can easily put lean your weight on to.
  • I recommend laying a thin (thin) towel between the iron and the vinyl.
  • Always make sure you flip your image before you cut.. if it’s not mirrored your image will be reversed.
  • When layering multi-colors of HTV make sure you cover any close pre-applied vinyl with a piece of the clear transparent paper so that when it gets re-heated it doesn’t come off on the iron or towel.  (so just take the extra clear from your scrap htv and lay it across)

Happy Vinyling!

xo, Dee

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