baby gift ideas using your Silhouette Machine

Do you want to make up a few baby gifts but need some inspiration? Today I am showing you what I’ve been making for a few pregnant friends and giving you a FREE Cut File!

Oh, and lets not forget it’s also a Silhouette Challenge Day! So at the bottom of the post you will find a link up of kid related projects that you can make with your Silhouette Machine!

Baby gifts with silhouette

My favorite baby gift lately has been this Welcome Baby Snap Shirt. I’m so in love with it that I want to give it to you to use for your friends and family!

baby gifts with your silhouette

I mean wouldn’t this shirt be a cute way to introduce your baby to your friends via social media?! Making it is simple, all you need is:

  • a NB or 0-3m snap shirt (they are great for newborns since it doesn’t cover the diaper, saves some time as the new mom tries to find her footing 🙂 )
  • HTV
  • Iron & White Tea Towel (because remember.. we always use that when layering vinyl)


  • Download your file from HERE
  • Add the babies name in a fun font
  • If you are using more then one color you will cut & iron it on separately. Since mine was all back I cut on the smooth HTV setting and ironed it at one time.

Want more baby ideas? How about a funny onsie…

baby gift with your Silhouette Machine

or maybe something for the newly promoted big sister and baby?!

1-baby gift ideas big and little

And that’s not all today’s post had in store. It’s also Silhouette Challenge Day! And this month’s theme was anything KID related, so check out my friends below for some more ideas on things you can make for your kiddo with your Silhouette Machine!

DVD Case Coloring Kit Personalizing Kids Stuff without Names "Tiny Dancer" Dance Bag DIY Future Mr. Darcy Onesie ExtraCared for Onesie DIY Burp Cloths with Appliques Adorable DIY Baby Onesies! DIY 3D SpongeBob Invitations Personalized Potty Chair & Potty Training Targets: Ready, Aim, FIRE! baby gift ideas using your Silhouette Machine

1. unOriginal Mom // 2. Architecture of a Mom // 3. Crafty Bonds // 4. Simply Kelly Designs // 5. Weekend Craft // 6. Cutesy Crafts // 7. DIYJustCuz // 8. My Paper Craze // 9. Where The Smiles Have Been // 10. From Whine to Whine

Welcome baby with this cute snap tee that you can make yourself! Download the file at From Wine to Whine

13 thoughts on “baby gift ideas using your Silhouette Machine

  1. Aww these are cute! I did baby onesies too…they’re so easy and I love that there is no end to what you can do with HTV!
    Great job 🙂

  2. I can’t find a link to download the free cut file. It says download your file HERE, but it doesn’t take you anywhere.

  3. Where can I find a shirt like this ? The hello my name is snap shirt?

  4. Personalized baby clothes are always my first choice for the gifting purpose to the baby and this thing is very effective in making event more memorable for long time.

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