Lions, tigers and bears…oh my

With Halloween around the corner it is time to get moving on those costumes! With so many choices where do you begin? Cute and cuddley, or fun and frilly, or maybe even unique and funny? And then are you DIYing or buying?

Decisons, decisions! It is pretty safte to say I am on costume overload. (And I have been for about a month now). I’ve pinned about 30 costumes, bought one and contemplated returning it about a dozen times…etc. the funniest part about me stressing about the “perfect” halloween costume is, we aren’t even going anywhere good! I mean of course will visit the neighbors and all but I know they won’t care! Ill just be happy if they know are names! Hahaha
Please tell me I am not the only crazy, obessesing halloween costume mom out there!!

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