label your lunch (the cool way)

I know I said I’m going to enjoy the rest of summer AND not prep for school. But let’s be serious, some people actually have to start thinking about it. So in honor of the upcoming school year, let’s talk lunch… cute, custom lunch accessories in particular! (After all you want your kiddo to have the cool stuff in the cafeteria…right?)

If you are a friend of From Wine to Whine your kid is probably on the younger side. Which means you will need to label everything and anything that they bring into the classroom (that is if you want to see it again). So why not make it fun! Check out the water bottle and sandwich holder that I made for my niece’s first day of Pre-K.


In order to withstand multiple washes and grimy hands I used a permanent vinyl, and my favorite toy (my r2-D2 aka as a Silhouette Cameo). I purchased the cute ladybug art from the Silhouette store, tweaked it in the Silhouette Software, measured and re-sized to fit my size requirements and got cutting! Of course after it was done I needed to use the transfer tape and lots of over analyzing to make sure it was straight. But, I find that any (excessive) time that I spend with R2D2 is always worth it once the project is complete.

If you don’t have a Silhouette, don’t worry you have options. You could:

  1. Ask me or someone you know to customize your stuff for you.
  2. Buy (or make) yourself a stencil. Buy a paint pen at your craft store and give it a try. If it turns out horrible just tell your little one that you did it on purpose or that their little brother did it 🙂

xo, Dee


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