Knock If You Dare

Wreaths, Monsters, Monograms.. oh my! The world of Halloween Front Door Decor could seriously leave an over-thinker like myself batty! But after a lot of pinning & dreaming, I decided to channel my inner Morticia Gomez this Halloween and go with a haunted Door Knocker!

DIY Scary Front Door at From Wine to Whine

The best part? It cost me less then $5 to make! You Need:

  • Dollar Tree Halloween Door Knocker (it’s plastic)
  • old picture frame
  • 2 pieces of scrapbook paper
  • E6000 glue
  • wire & wire cutters (for the barbed wire of course!)
  • staple gun
  • (optional) red removable vinyl & Silhouette Machine
  1. Remove the glass from your picture frame. Now, depending on the size of your frame you may need two pieces of scrapbook paper. If that’s the case (& for me it was) tape the papers together.  Then cut to size and insert them into the frame. Now add the picture frame backing and lock it into place.
  2. Time to glue that plastic skull knocker down! I added a thin layer of E6000 glie to the edges, applied it onto the scrapbook paper and then went back and filled in the holes/lose pieces with more glue.
  3. Now it’s time to make some barbed wire! Decide how long you need the wire to be…now double it and cut. Bend the wire in half,  and squeeze the corner piece so that it lays flat, now lightly twist the two strands together.
  4. Time for the spikes! Go back to your wire reel and snip off an inch. Take that piece between your needle nose pliers and bend it in a circle, then re position your hands so that you can continue bending it in a circle around the nose of the plier. I did 3 loops on one spike, and then one full loop on the next spike. (I rotated them until I had 6 total). Once you have them all bent you will want to slide them onto one wire. Keep in mind you need to maneuver them around the twists, if you need to undo the twists some to get them on just make sure you re-fastened them. The little “barbed” pieces will stay secure because of the twisted wire and the tight spike turns.
  5. You are almost done! Grab your staple gun, position your barbed wire where you want it and staple it to the back of your picture frame. (One staple on each side) I couldn’t get my staples to go deep enough to hold the wire, so I simply bent the wire around the staple and it held just fine.

DIY Scary Front Door at From Wine to Whine

And if your knocker is not scary enough you can always do what I did and cut some removable vinyl (Oracle 631) in red!

photo 1 (2)

Oh and of course I can’t forget to add my cute little monster helper!

Now that you are done here go check out my new Blogging Buddies! They whipped up some pretty awesome Halloween treats that I think you will want to see!

xo, Dee


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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this knocker so much!!! Awesome Halloween decor like this is the reason I LOVE Halloween! I need to make this immediately 🙂

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