Let’s face it, we all see the same inspiring things via Pinterest. But the more and more I do, the more and more I realize they don’t all work. So in order to help you weed through the good and the bad, here are a few quick WINS and FAILS that I’ve tested!

This is a WIN! All you need are pipe cleaners and a colander. Depending on your lo’s age you may have to give them a helping hand, but after a few minutes they should have it down. Here’s the best part, there is no right or wrong way for them to play! They can bend the cleaners, leave them straight loop them through two holes, or push them all the way through the hole. It’s all about different textures, motor skills, and having fun!
This one’s a toss-up for me. In theory this should be perfect! It’s a quick, cost friendly bath-time fun. All you need is Shaving Cream (not gel), and food coloring. I’ve seen some people use silicone muffin tins, or I have mine in an ice-cube tray. To get started you dispense shaving cream into the tray, add a drop or two of food coloring and mix it up. Super simple right?
I am not going to lie, my biggest fear was that this DIY tub paint was going to stain my tub. Fortunately that did not happen! But unfortunately it did stain Jo’s hands, which is why I am considering this a FAIL. However, with that being said Jo’s bath consisted of very, very little water (we are going through an anti-bath thing right now, so maybe that is why?) My friend whose kid is still taking baths (like a good little person) says this a WIN.
So user beware. I wouldn’t vote it off your list, but make sure you don’t add tons of coloring and have them splash their hands in water a few times! If not they may look like the slapped a smurf.




xo, Dee

2 thoughts on “Kid WINS and FAILS!

  1. I’d be afraid that my child would put the shaving cream in his or her mouth. Maybe cool whip would be a better (and tastier) substitute?

    1. Totally understandable!! The same thought crossed my mind a few times, surprisingly she didn’t try. But yes I bet Cool Whip would totally work!!!

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