it’s SNOWING…inside!

Let’s be serious, snow + toddlers = a pain in the butt!! You get them all layered up, then you have to dress yourself. Play for 5 minutes and you realize its to cold for them to stay outside. So back in you go, but this time with a crying kid. I am sorry nothing about that sounds fun.

So since I never want to deprive Jo  (no matter what the temperature or the time of day) we compromised, by bringing the snow  indoors!

You need:
– a bowl to collect the snow
– a plate or something to make a snowman on
– things to decorate with, we used baking supplies – think jimmies, chocolate chips…etc.
Roll the snow into 3 mini balls, stack, and tada.. you have a snowman! Now you can decorate until your hands are too cold to continue.
We were making a mamma snowman and a baby snowman. I’d like to show you the finished product, but it melted before we were done playing (we may have gotten distracted by eating snow and jimmies).

I know this post may be a smidge late in the season for some of you, and for that I apologize! We were hit with a mini snow storm the other day and I just couldn’t sit back and NOT pass this indoor snowman idea along. So if snow is no longer knocking on your door just keep it in mind for next year! You know when it’s 5AM, freezing cold and your kid is begging to play before your coffee had a chance to brew… you can thank me then 🙂

xo, Dee

7 thoughts on “it’s SNOWING…inside!

  1. You even brought the snow inside your house just so baby Jo won’t cry anymore. You’re such loving and resourceful mom!:)

    1. Aww no snow ever, would stink a little (only a little though)… But don’t fret! I found a cool artificial snow activity over on Momma’s Fun World that I’ve been meaning to get to. So I will add it to the top of my To Do List! Check back sometime next week.. I think that’s a realistic time frame.

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