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Have you noticed how much your Mom friends love coffee? I mean sheesh oh man, I can tell the time based off of my instagram photo feed! Coffee cups are the subject matter from early morning to mid afternoon, and then wine glasses take over from late afternoon through bedtime! (Right?) And now as much as I’d love to say I am an exception to that rule, I can’t …..I am obsessed with coffee ( & wine) So when the 4-year-old asked what I wanted for my Birthday, I knew exactly what I needed to help me face my thirties.

A cool new mug!!

And not just any old mug.. one that clearly states who’s cup it is and how cool I really am! (in case I forget in my sleep deprived state!)


Want to make one for yourself? It’s easy! (It’s so easy my 4 year old did most of it.)

You Need:

  • Coffee Mug (I bought mine at Walmart for $1.75 and yes that is red on the inside!!)
  • Gold Glitter Spray Paint & Acrylic Spray Paint
  • Oracle 651 vinyl (I received mine from Expressions Vinyl)
  • Transfer Tape (also from Expressions Vinyl)
  • Silhouette Machine
  • Computer
  • This flower design from Tori Grant Designs
  • 3-4 Plastic Bags
  • Strong Tape (I used painters tape)


  • First we are going to spray paint our mug handle with gold glitter. You will want to wrap your mug with numerous plastic bags. Make sure you cover all areas that you do NOT want the glitter to get on.
  • Take your spray paint can and wrapped mug into a well-ventilated area. Luckily for me it’s warm in NJ so I could spray paint right on the lawn!


Glitter Handle Coffee Mug
When you are done spraying it should look like this!
  • Let your mug dry for a few minutes and go prep your design!
  • You need to design your layout within the Silhouette Program. I downloaded Tori’s  free floral pattern to create a design around my name. Then I took my cool Mom quote and scaled it to size.
  • Since we are working with multiple colors I like to color code my Silhouette Screen so that I don’t accidently cut the wrong item. Just take your time and remember to double check your cut lines! I always use the preset vinyl cut setting but I lower the speed to 1.
  • Once the design part was done my helper was able to jump in! She likes to load the mat and weed for me. (Thank goodness she can help! My eyes are getting weak with my old age – just kidding!!)


  • Once everything was weeded, we applied the transfer tape, and applied the images to the ceramic coffee mug. (Here’s a tip: Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol before you adhere your vinyl!)


  • When working on a curved surface I find it’s easiest to adhere the middle and out as carefully as I can. Then start with one corner and slowly smooth the air bubbles out as you adjust accordingly.
  • Apply both sides, and you are done!
  • Oh and since your item is handmade I would recommend handwashing it to ensure it stays intact.

If you were to design a mug today what would you write on it? xo, Dee

Please note that I was provided vinyl to facilitate this post. 

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2 thoughts on “cool Moms love coffee

  1. Very cute! I immediately thought of Michael Scott and his World’s Best Boss mug – so it made me smile 🙂 Now I want to check out that handprint towel too! Lots of cool stuff here!

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