I am a Pin-a-holic, support me!

My name is Dee, and I am a Pin-a-holic… Oh wait you already knew that! Lucky for me, I have this obsession under control and the more pins that I complete, reinforces my web stalking efforts.

But I’ve decided that I need to kick this up a notch. I have 1,700 pins, but only 110 followers. In order to justify my efforts I think I need at least a follower per pin, which means I am not even close to my goal. Will you help me? All you have to do is follow my boards at http://pinterest.com/curlyq114/

Be warned, I pin some pretty awesome things, I can’t promise that you won’t catch the fever! 🙂

Plus, I would love to follow you! Just copy and paste your Pinterest hyperlink into the comment section.

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