Want to WOW the kids?  Fling Marshmallows (& Pom Poms) at the ceiling!!

how to make a marshmallow launcher that will reach the ceiling!

You Need:

  • 6 oz Plastic Cup
  • Strong Tape
  • 1 Balloon
  • Scissors
  • Marshmallows &/or Pom Poms

You Want to:

  • Cut the base of a 6 oz cup
  • Cut the tip of a balloon
  • Stretch the balloon onto the lip side of the cup (that’s the secret trick!)
  • Make sure the balloon is pretty close to the center and then tie it off
  • Add a strip of tape around the balloon/cup combo to make sure it doesn’t pop off
Now to test it out!

Drop in your Marshmallow and shoot it across the room! For maximum reach make sure you hold the cup just a little slanted and only on the lip part. Then try it again with different sized pom poms!

Have fun! Dee

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