how NOT to make a Vinyl Mason Jar

This project probably could have been labeled, “The Order That Almost Killed Me”.

I know that seems SUPER over dramatic, but seriously.. it was bad. Everything that could have gone wrong, did. But before I get to that, can you just take a quick second to check out the final project.. it turned out cute right? (please say yes! Actually do me one better.. tell me you love it… I need a boost)masonjars

Ok, now that you fed my self-esteem (thank you). Let me fill you in on all the things that happened to me so that you can steer clear!

  • It seems not all vinyl is created beware not all permanent vinyl adheres to all surfaces. If you are trying to work with a glass product, I’ve been advised that Oracle 651 or Silhouette Premium is the way to go.
  • Clean your glass with rubbing alcohol before you adhere your vinyl.
  • Burnish (transferring the vinyl from the transfer paper to the finished product) with a credit card or the scraper NOT something small or sharp.. you could rip or dent the vinyl. (duh, user error)
  • Make sure the lid fits the glass BEFORE you put your vinyl on. (yup total fail, FINALLY I was finished go to screw the top on and don;t you know that sucker is slightly dented so it keeps popping off… FAIL!!)
  • Un-zoom your silhouette program before cutting.. you may just have a random shape filling up empty space (which therefore will cut your pretty (not supposed to be used) vinyl.
  • Script font sucks at cutting on vinyl…it seems to be one of those lessons I just need to keep reminding myself on. Maybe I should say it louder, SCRIPT FONT DOES NOT CUT EASILY ON VINYL. Pheww.. that feels better. I bet if you adjust the settings you could eventually get it to cut… BUT you may be grey before it happens so, good luck. Let me know if you get it to work so I can copy you ūüôā
  • If your vinyl is giving you problems grab your Etching Creme, put that not really permanent¬†crap¬†¬†vinyl to good use and use it as a stencil.
  • Careful apply your etching cream in even brush strokes. You want to keep the cream as even as possible.
  • I like the cream set at least 5 minutes, I’m always to scared and impatient to wait longer. Although the longer it sits the deeper the etch, so keep that in mind!
  • Use a soft bristle paintbrush for the cream, if it’s to stiff you may see brush marks.
  • If at first you don’t succeed try, and try again.

Hope I helped you dodge your next vinyl jam! What would you say was your most troubling craft project was? (p.s. this was TOTALLY mine!)

xo, Dee

I almost forget, I’d like to give a BIG shout out to Lauren at the¬†Thinking Closet¬†and the¬†Craftaholic Anonymous facebook page¬†for giving me advice during my cutting moments of need!¬†

Remember fellow crafters, sometimes things don’t go as planned.. just remember to channel your patience and concentration ( should see me doing a project. I’ll have to do a separate post on that. I am pretty sure my alone time is a walking ad for ADD medicine. I like to think of it as simultaneously crafting.. it’s like the next extreme sport).


2 thoughts on “how NOT to make a Vinyl Mason Jar

  1. I can sympathize with your pain. I did this for the last Silhouette Challenge. I went through it all. Thank goodness I started on a cheap $1.00 item and tried it again on the same piece until I was finally confident enough I got it. The most important thing for me was getting the vinyl to stick really good everywhere. Your final result is awesome!!! It is worth keeping with it.

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