How busy is to busy for toddlers?

As you may have figured out I am a new stay at home mom and am trying to find the perfect balance of keeping my 13month old active and social, while being careful not to run her ragged.

How busy is to busy? I have no idea!! But, I would have to assume the little bambino would let me know. (Extra tired, changing her sleeping pattern, being cranky..etc). It seems like between napping, feeding and changing. We are good for one “thing” per day. And the perfect time is right around 10, that way we are back in bed right after lunch. So my scheduling needs to be spot on.

How do you manage your kids day? Calendar out your week or fly by the seat of your pants? Limit the number of activities you do, or go-go-go?

2 thoughts on “How busy is to busy for toddlers?

  1. When I stay at home during the summers, I keep ours days pretty packed, but my son (2) is used to the packed school day schedule.

    I took a glimpse at the websites of our local library, zoo and muesem to see if they had weekly or bi-weekly events for toddlers. Then I got a chance to meet new mamas as well.

    I start out without a schedule for about a week just to feel out what he required in entertainment and social events. Then I built from there. 🙂

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