happy YARDSALEing!

It’s Saturday!! My favorite day of the week!  Well during the Spring season at least.

Obviously, if you’ve been following my blog it’s no secret that I love a good deal and Saturday is the perfect excuse to escape the house! (Did I just say that out loud? I meant, to say: run a few mom-related, extremely boring errands).

But before I head out the door, I just wanted to remind you of a few yard sale tips before you hit the pavement.

  1. INSPECT the item BEFORE you buy it – this is super important.. remember there are no returns!
  2. Know when to walk away – Don’t make yourself love something, don’t pay more than you want to, and don’t buy it if you have 5 similar. It sounds so simple, yet sometimes it’s so hard..just remember, it’s ok to walk away! You will find more junk to sift through…I promise!

If you are new to deal digging*  here are a few more tips to help you save

  1. Have small denominations – It’s hard to negotiate a price if all you have are twenty’s. Plus you really don’t want to clean out the persons cash stash.. it’s just not bargain hunting etiquette.
  2. Be realistic, not offensive – You can obviously offer to pay whatever you feel like.. BUT if you really want an item you probably shouldn’t offer $1 if they are asking for $20. A more reasonable (and feasible) number would be $15.
  3. Keep your eye’s peeled – We all have our own style to shopping, I am more of a grazer. I just kind of scan an area as I walk through. Some people are diggers, others ask for certain items..etc. just do what works for you. And Don’t force it!
  4. Wash It – I am not a big fan of buying things that I can’t wash, but the choice is yours!

(P.S. *deal digging – HA did you like that? Who knows it could be the new word..quick someone Urban Dictionary it and make sure you site the source lol).

Here are a few of my latest brag worthy snags!:

phone april13 380
$1 from the Good Will
$2 from a Yard Sale
phone april13 559
$15 at a Yard Sale

Good Luck YARDSALEing!

 xo, Dee

One thought on “happy YARDSALEing!

  1. Cool rocking horse! What a score for two bucks. I like the house too. Yard sales are fun, the only thing is I usually sleep in too long and miss the good stuff 😉

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