make a hand print tea towel with your kids

I love a punny tea towel don’t you? But you know what makes one even better?! One that your kids can help you make!

make a punny handprint tea towel with your kids!

You Need:

  • tea towel
  • fabric paint
  • freezer paper
  • iron
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • heat transfer vinyl (optional)
  • silhouette machine (optional)


  • Trace your kiddos hand onto the freezer paper
  • Now cut it out!
  • Iron it onto the tea towel (make sure you iron the shiny side down)
  • Let your kiddo paint the hand prints ( they should do this by dabbing with a sponge)
  • Let the handprints dry
  • I cut heat transfer vinyl with my Silhouette Machine for the words. If you don’t have one you could easily write it with a fabric pen!
  • I recommend you wash it once everything dried
You know who else loves a good pun? My fabulous Blogging Buddies! Hop on over to their page and see what they are up to! xo, Dee

hand me a towel bee-inary molar bear

make a punny tea towel with your kids

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