handprint embroidery hoop

Need a cute gift for Grandmom? How about a handprint embroidery hoop! It’s quick, cute & cheap!

You Need:

  • embroidery hoop (I used the largest size for my teenager, 3 year old and baby)
  • white muslin
  • embroidery floss (I used a different color per hand)
  • needle
  • tracing paper
  • dark marker
  • white paper
  • scissors


  • Trace your kids hands with a dark marker onto white paper.
  • Layer the following items in this order: kid hand prints, muslin, tracing paper, embroidery hoop – now follow your tracing paper instructions and trace those cute little hands onto your fabric.
  • You should see a faint line on your muslin. Put your fabric with the line side up into your hoop and start stitching!
  • Tighten your fabric up, trim the excess fabric off and you are done!

Pretty simple right? This project don’t take long to complete, just make sure you go slow when you are stitching. Try to keep your stitches as consistent as possible. As you can see from my hoop this was my first time attempting, but I think it looks ok… don’t you?

Have you made any handprint gifts lately? Tell me about it!

xo, Dee


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