Hand-print Picture heART for Mom

You Need:
2 different pieces of scrapbook paper, scissors, a picture and a frame.

– Grab your solid piece of paper and fold it in half.

– Place your child’s hand so that the tip of the thumb and pointer finger touch the crease, and trace the outline of the hand. (don’t forget to trace in between the thumb and pointer finger.)

– Carefully, cut through BOTH pages (make sure you DO NOT cut the crease of the thumb or pointer finger, this is what makes one hand two.)

– Unfold the paper,  flip it over. Do you see two hands, and a heart in the center? Yes, good!!

– Now, grab that second piece of paper and cut it down to fit your frame (this is going to be the background).

– Take the cute (small) picture of your kids face and place it in the heart (in between the two hands).

– Tape it all down! You are done.

Easy right?! I know it looked like a lot of steps, but they are all super easy, and the result is just so darn cute!! I’ve had mine sitting in my Living Room for the last 2 months, it may be my favorite kid/mom craft yet!

xo, Dee

Oh, and in case anyone from South Jersey MOM Magazine is reading, thanks for  loving this craft enough to feature in the magazine!!

3 thoughts on “Hand-print Picture heART for Mom

  1. How sweet. I think we’re going to make one as a gift for grandparents. Thanks for sharing at Inspire Us Thursday at Organized 31.

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