Hand Cut Superhero Ornaments

If you’re looking for homemade ornaments that are KID PROOF and only require a trip to the dollar store, you’re in luck! My friend Lee so kindly offered to share with you how she makes full “themed” Christmas Trees year after year! (and the best part is she only uses 5 materials..and no fancy cutting machines!!)


Pretty cute right?!

Ok, go check out here step by step tutorial:


You Need:

  • Poster Board
  • Glue Stick
  • Hole Punch
  • Computer Printed Images
  • Ribbon

DSCF3548First, find the images that you would like to use and start printing!

DSCF3550Cut your images from the computer paper, and glue them to the poster board.


First we are going to cut the ornaments in squares.. this makes the next step WAY easier!


Now pick up your individual squares and get cutting! You want to trim the edges as close as possible to the design without leaving it jagged.

Once you are done clip a hole using your hole punch and thread with some ribbon.


Then hang the ornaments on the tree and pour yourself some eggnog! Don’t forget to have the camera ready for when you show your kid!


Pretty cool right? When Lee asked me if I would be interested in seeing how she makes them I nearly squealed! There’s something about Christmas and traditions that just makes me warm and fuzzy!

Do you have any Christmas Tree traditions? I would love to hear about them, just comment below!

xo, Dee



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