Halloween Kid Crafts

Hey friends! Sheesh oh man, what a week! Although I have been quiet on the blog front, From Wine to Whine’s facebook page has been popping (does anyone still use that word anymore? hmm.. I am thinking no, but anyway back to my point.) I’ve been putting super simple crafts directly to the facebook page… so here’s a little recap on some Halloween Crafts you and the kids can do in just a few quick steps (and supplies from the house 🙂 )


Easy Kid Craft - A Toilet Paper Mummy (tutorial @ From WIne to Whine)
Take an empty toilet paper roll, some gauze, glue, and googly eyes. Let your little one wrap the roll and then help them apply the eyes! Your TP ghost is done. (p.s. this seems super silly but it looks surprisingly cute in the bathroom, also if your little one is around Jo’s age I would bet money that they will have a field day using glue!)
Easy Kid Craft - a paper plate pumpkin (tutorial @ From Wine to Whine)
-Have your little one paint a paper plate orange.
-Take the plate from them and cut out a pumpkin face (watch your fingers on those turns!)
-Hand them some glue and black paper and let them add it to the back.
-Now bring it over to your mantel, lean it against the wall and call it a day…afterall your dinner is probably bubbling
Easy Halloween Craft - Tolilet Paper Roll Pumpkin ( tutorial @ From Wine to Whine)
(this one looks adorable sitting next to the t.p. mummy!) Take an empty toilet paper roll, and have your little one paint it orange. After it draws draw a face on it..done!
Easy Halloween Craft- a ghostly foot print (tutorial @ From Wine to Whine)
Isn’t this ghost cute? Paint the bottom of your kids foot white and have them step onto a piece of paper. Draw the eyes and mouth once it dry.
I’ve done a few ghosts this holiday, one was on construction paper that we are making into Halloween Cards for Jo’s grandparents and one was on a tote bag that we had lying around the house (candy bag? Decoration? TBD but it’s cute to have hanging around.)

Hope this helps make your day a little crafty! xo, Dee

p.s. If you have a kid craft to share send it to me! I’d love to share it for you.. after all you deserve credit for all your craftiness too!!!

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