Gardening Tips: for the wannabe gardner

I have a pretty black thumb.. but this year I am determined to turn it green (even if I need to dip dye it)!

Why the sudden motivation? Well DUH, why not!? As if cooking a good meal isn’t gratifying enough, GROWING the food that is in the meal will send my in-house bragging off the charts! (Don’t worry just the hubs will hate me, we kind of compete on well… everything.)

So in honor of Earth Day, here are a few tips that I’ve been gathering from around the internet!

Plant Deeply
Plant your tomato on their SIDE!!!! This will help create an “extra strong rooting system” ( this tip is from BHG it must be true!!)
use packing peanuts to boost drainage in and lighten large planting pots
Use packing peanuts to fill large planter pots! Super great tip from This Old House!
Mulching..just do it!!! The benefits are never-ending, so just buy the bag!! P.S. make sure you lay down newspaper to stop unwanted grass and weed growth. (Thanks Rosemary on The TV)
Plant Zone Map
Planning on planting seeds? Figure out your planting zone before you get to the store. Now when you read the back of those tiny packages, it’s going to make a lot more sense!
When you are thinking about where to put your awesome new garden make sure you have (easy) access to water!  If  t’s way back in the corner you are going to get fed up quickly OR have bulging have a 50/50 chance.

Also, a special shout out to Tipnut  and Gardening Tips and Tricks a lot of these goodies were found directly on their page. So if you are also thinking of dabbling in the garden this year, hop on over. You will feel a bit more powerful after you read the tips!

Ok, that’s enough for now!

If you have a green thumb and have a tip PLEASE SHARE!!! xo, Dee

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