fake it until you make it….tips to looking like a PULLED TOGETHER MOM!

I am not embarrassed to admit this. I really want to be a cute Mom!! And by cute I don’t just mean physically (although I do).. I want to appear like I have this motherhood thing pretty well figured out (even though I really don’t). Maybe that means I have deep-rooted acceptance issues, not sure and I don’t really care. But I like to try to appear to be pulled together, it makes me feel good, which in returns makes me a better (happier) Mom.

So here are 5  tricks that I’ve learned to help keep me pulled together during my shower strikes, and sleepless nights!

  1. Keep your eyebrows groomed! Ok, totally weird right? But it’s true your eyebrows are a HUGE part of your face, and if they are insanely overgrown you are hiding your face!! (Oh and this is important if you have a mustache make sure that is taken off !! As I tell my teenager: unfortunately, most women eventually grow them and it’s a non-issue if you take care of it. BUT if you let it stay and take shape..well now you’ve given mean people something to talk about.)
  2. Messy Hair or Sweat Pants..never both! – There is nothing wrong with being comfortable. But the trick to being comfy (and not sloppy) is simply bed head OR sweatpants. The combination of the two makes you appear tired, and worn out. One or the other just says I am a busy (active) mom!!
  3. BB Cream & Mascara are must haves! I used to think eyeliner was my everything accessory. I never left the house without it on (ok maybe sometimes..but you know what I mean) That is until I became a SAHM. There are days that I forget to brush my teeth, let alone remember to put on makeup. HOWEVER, the trick to looking restful and stress-free is in the BB Cream. WHY? You ask..  you need to cover up the bags under your eyes (plus it covers any minor skin imperfections). Being a Mom is a 24/7 job which is exhausting!! But you will feel better if you look better. So as you are packing the diaper bag just quick slap some BB Cream (my favorite is Physicians Formula), and if you have another second curl those lashes and slap on mascara.. you will INSTANTLY look refreshed!!
  4. Confidence!! You are an awesome Mom, own it.. be proud! It totally makes you look like you got everything under control…even if you don’t!!
  5. Shower by Day 4! It’s hard to feel good about yourself if you haven’t showered in 4 days. So hop in the shower, put a quick hair mask on your hair (they take 3 minutes), use something that smells pretty, rinse and go back to being Mom. No need to blow dry unless you want to! Sometimes we just need to wash the ugly off.. and by day 4, trust me mama…you need some washing!!

WARNING: Please keep in mind, there are all days (many days in fact) when these tips fly right out the window, life happens AND at the end of the day YOU NEED TO BE YOU! So if you’ve never done your hair, you don’t need to start now to appear to be pulled together… I’ve just found that these tricks help me feel more in control! YOU BEING YOU, is what is MOST IMPORTANT!! So go, rock on Mama..you are awesome and I love it!!

If I’ve left YOUR TIP off the list make sure you comment!!

xo, Dee

some of my favorite celebrity mama’s

8 thoughts on “fake it until you make it….tips to looking like a PULLED TOGETHER MOM!

  1. I like having one pair of jeans that are comfortable and look good. I think a good pair of jeans and a fitted t-shirt hide the fact that coffee is the only thing keeping me doing the walking and the talking. Plus they’re just as easy as yoga pants to slip on.

  2. I’m faking it all the way. I’ll let you know when I make it. I have become a former shell of my once glamorous self. Of course, I never thought I was once glamorous until I slipped into the life of a stay-at-home mother of three. It is funny how little ones take a toll. One day I’ll get my body, brain, and beauty back. One day….

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