Extreme Couponing – Things to remember, so you don’t spend to much (like me)

I had a mis-step when couponing this week. So I wanted to share my trials and tribulations, just in case you are a A)  beginner couponer too or B) think I am super amazing and don’t think I make mistakes (lol..what no one thinks this?? Weird..lol)

Back to my point, here are  some things to keep in mind on your next trip:

-Figure out your couponing goal. I want to save money and spend as little as possible. BUT, I like to feel that sense of fulfillment after a great shopping trip. Which means I like little out-of-pocket, and big ExtraBucks for next time. So, I need to stay away from purchasing things like diapers while “couponing”. Although I did score a fabulous deal today, I wound up spending $20 out-of-pocket when without diapers I would have spent $5.

-Don’t buy what you don’t need. I am going to say that again DO NOT BUY WHAT YOU DO NOT NEED!! It’s easy to get sucked in, so unless something is $1 or less, OR if you have less than 2 backups on the item, don’t buy it unless you need/want it.

  • Example: Last week I bought 10 Febreeze sprays, candles..etc. it was wonderful! In theory my house should  smell good for the next 6 months. Well, now this week Glade is on sale, and guess what I bought 8 more smelly things. Which for me, is just a smidge to many, so my lesson was LEARNING WHEN TO WALK AWAY.

Don’t rush, couponing needs to be exact. Forgetting a coupon, miscalculating your total. They all make a difference in your bottom line. So before you go rushing out the door, make sure you are confident in your list. And if you have a few spare seconds, triple check that you have everything that you need!

Remember, how I said I had a bad week? Well YES this happened too! Typically I spend Sunday night, mapping out my CVS trip but since we are leaving tomorrow I tried to sneak it in before my Superbowl party today. BIG MISTAKE! Not only did I miscalculate, I also forget 3 items when I got to the checkout line, and miscalculated $10 (which cost me $10 reward bucks), AND my bottom line was off a few dollars, (I don’t think a coupon was wrong properly but I missed it). So needless to say, it was frustrating ,and not as filling as my CVS trip usually is. But oh well better luck next time!

Even though it was a crappy week, I figure I should still share or I would feel like a sore loser:  This week I spent $25, and earned $14 Extrabucks for next time.


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