EASY last minute Maternity Halloween Costumes

If you are rocking a baby bump this Halloween you have a perfectly good excuse for figuring out your Halloween Costume last minute. Which is why I have a few EASY options for you and your last minute Maternity Halloween Costume!

easy last minute maternity halloween costumes

Become a princess for the day. All you need to do is blow out your hair, find something in your closet that looks sophisticated, go light on the makeup and add a fun hat (or  a tiara from the dollar store!) And you can become

The (pregnant) Dutchess of Cambridge


All you need is a black marker, colored felt, scissors and some hot glue to become

Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtle
(source unknown)
Kelly Rowland, Carrie Underwood, or even Shakira

Grab a toy microphone and you can pretend to be anyone of these pregnant stars! But if you are planning on being Alicia you should dust off your old fedora, or maybe get some braids.


If you want to  be Shakira you just need to throw on some leather leggings and shake those hips! (but not to hard.. we don’t want your water breaking)

Feeling country? Gran your red, white and blue, put a wave in your hair and call it a day! You’ll be as cute as American Hunny

Want to be a bit more traditional? You could make your bump a

Jack – o -lantern
(This is from the blog Something’s Gotta Give)

Or if you have older (little) kids they will get a kick of Mommy’s belly being

Mike Wazowski for Halloween
Mike Wazowski Maternity Costume DIY Printable I totally want this!
Get a cut file and tutorial at candacechitwoodphotography.com

 Looking for something scary? How about you grab yourself a white shirt, some toilet paper, a marker and a bow and you can call yourself

Mummy with a Baby
Carolina Charm: Pregnancy
this adorable outfit is from Carolina Charm

And of course if Frozen fever is still in your house you can always be


make your Olaf Maternity Halloween Costume!


Hope that helped! Let me know what you end up being for Halloween! I’m hoping to see atleast one Dutchess of Cambridge!

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xo, Dee

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